LIVE in Lockdown Guide: Things to do during a coronavirus lockdown.
LIVE in Lockdown Guide: Things to do during a coronavirus lockdown.

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Melbourne Birthday Parties
Thanks for the helpful ideas!
Jason, Fitzroy, Mon Oct 19 20:55:20 2020
Melbourne General Comment
Daniel Andrews sucks.
Steve, Melton, Sun Oct 4 14:27:10 2020
Melbourne Singles Events
Online speed dating has saved my sanity, and given me company while we've been locked down. It is really good fun.
Amanda, Box Hill, Tue Sep 15 18:48:53 2020
Melbourne Shopping
I like that online shopping centre. I can shop despite stupid Dan.
Jacqui, Lilydale, Tue Sep 8 17:41:55 2020
Melbourne General Comment
I think we're all getting to know Zoom and Houseparty well. Thank goodness they exist.
Lauren, Liverpool, Thu Apr 23 14:42:43 2020
Melbourne Birthday Parties
I did an online murder mystery with friends the other day. It was really good fun. Definitely recommend.
Jules, Melbourne, Thu Apr 16 16:01:28 2020
Melbourne Singles Events
Hub 4 Singles has glowing reviews of online supper clubs, online speed dating and online singles trivia nights. Check them out.
Ben, LIVEinLockdown, Mon Apr 13 23:15:13 2020
Melbourne General Comment
We're officially online and live!
Yeah, we're still building the site and adding content, but we thought giving you something was better than having you sit around bored.
Ben, LIVEinLockdown, Sat Apr 4 23:46:41 2020
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