LIVE in Lockdown Guide: Things to do during a coronavirus lockdown.
LIVE in Lockdown Guide: Things to do during a coronavirus lockdown.

Things to do during coronavirus lockdowns

  • Parties / Catch Ups
  • Parties / Catch Ups
  • Shopping
  • Birthday Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Comedy
  • Restaurants - Okami
  • Travel
  • Sport

What do you do when contact with other people is banned in so many ways? There are social things you can do. This site gives you plenty of things to do. Most of our ideas can be used worldwide but we're based in Melbourne, Australia. (And, yes, we know we're not actually in 'lockdown'.)

Right now, we need to keep things going as best we can. We need to support businesses and jobs, and live as normally as we can within the rules.

First off, we recommend everyone install Zoom, HouseParty and/or Skype. Zoom is designed for video meetings. Up to 100 people can join a pro Zoom session. It is powerful. HouseParty is similar but doesn't have the limits of free Zoom.

Then check out the links at the bottom for things to do, and add your ideas too...

Latest reader comments

Melbourne Birthday Parties
Great ideas. Thanks.
Keith, Sydenham, Tue Aug 31 20:18:09 2021
Melbourne Birthday Parties
Thanks for the helpful ideas!
Jason, Fitzroy, Mon Oct 19 20:55:20 2020
Melbourne General Comment
Daniel Andrews sucks.
Steve, Melton, Sun Oct 4 14:27:10 2020
Melbourne Singles Events
Online speed dating has saved my sanity, and given me company while we've been locked down. It is really good fun.
Amanda, Box Hill, Tue Sep 15 18:48:53 2020

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