LIVE in Lockdown Guide: Things to do during a coronavirus lockdown.
LIVE in Lockdown Guide: Things to do during a coronavirus lockdown.

Birthday Parties

Murder Company Murder Mysteries

Last revised: April 9 2020

Think you can't have birthday parties in a lockdown?... Think again...

Murder Mysteries

The Murder Company hosts Murder Mysteries online. The company Email details for guests to use, then people have a meeting on Zoom where they play their part from home, to work out who the murderer was. People can dress up and get into it as much as they would face to face.
People can mute and call each other on the phone too.


This took off. Pretty much the first Friday Night of the pandemic companies changed their Friday night drinks to online on Zoom. People were still able to have their social catch up with a drink in their hands but across the internet. Get your drinks delivered from the liquor page on

The Real Paul Hogan

Private gigs online

Artists like still need gigs. They have time to do things they otherwise might not. They can do a gig on Zoom. Not sure how bands go, but solo artists can.

Kids birthday parties

Kids birthday parties are different, but again you can get creative on Zoom. At the very least you can have a toy company on deliver a gift, and sing happy birthday on Zoom. Get the other kids parents to have cake and a pass-the-parcel gift on hand and get creative. Maybe even a dress theme or show-and-tell to encourage discussion. Did you know Zoom does virtual backgrounds?

When this is over, have a half birthday party!

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Melbourne Birthday Parties
I did an online murder mystery with friends the other day. It was really good fun. Definitely recommend.
Jules, Melbourne, Thu Apr 16 16:01:28 2020

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